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Surprise your child with a personalized letter from Santa
Letter from Santa

Letter from Santa - Personal Stories

Did you ever receive a letter from Santa as a child and realized that letters hold more allure than almost any other form of communication?

When you are old, what will you remember more: the random gift you got for Christmas as a child or the personalized Letter from Santa you received straight from the North Pole?

Have you ever thanked someone who once taught you, as a child, that magic was all around you, by giving you a letter from Santa Claus?

There are many children who unfortunately have seen far too much of the ugliness, and the hurt that the world has to offer, instead of the magic and the beauty that can also be found here. These children need to know that they are loved, and what can show them that happy ever afters are real and that magic is all around them, better than a personalized letter from Santa Claus? These letters, also called Santa letters, help children believe in Christmas again. Marked with a North Pole postmark, a letter from Santa can lift the child who has given up hope, and make them see that no matter what else they find here, there is good in the world.

Give your child the gift they will remember forever and that will bring more joy and excitement than any barbie doll or toy truck: a letter from Santa. Father Christmas, Santa Claus, Papa Noel, or any other name your child may know him by, holds a certain joy for children more than almost any other figure. A letter bearing a North Pole postmark, written by Santa Claus, will light up the faces of your children and your hearts as well. You won't want to miss the excitement and the joy that will fill your home that only comes with a letter from Santa.

What could make Christmas a little more special this year?

How do you feel when you see your child smile? We are beginning to come into the happiest time of year for children. It's Christmas and a letter from Santa would be the perfect way to start the holiday season. With posts all over the internet and letters that are seen online wouldn't it be grand for your child to receive a letter from Santa?

A smile on a child warms the soul and children who see a letter from Santa, with a North Pole postmark, will smile. Mr. Claus is willing to put a Christmas letter from Santa in your mailbox. Getting a letter from Santa in your mailbox addressed to your child would be what every child is wishing for. Father Christmas can even put a little gift in the letter from Santa to bring even more excitement to your child. Santa letters from Santa Claus' house can be a present for your child.

Santa Claus can be thanked for all the time and effort spent working at the North Pole. This will help teach children about gratitude and a letter from Santa will help bring the Holiday spirit close to home. How do you feel when you see your child smile? Try a letter from Santa and you will feel the joy of the holiday season and see how a letter from Santa can make a mundane day for your child become one of the best days EVER!

What if a child accross the world wrote a letter from Santa to your child how would it differ from a letter you might write from Santa?

If we could write our children a letter from Santa that was truly using his words, would we understand the meaning of Santa Claus better?

Is a letter from Santa an intricate, wonderful part of a childhood Christmas that should not be done away with, or is it just giving in to foolish imagination?

My son is a wonderful, but energetic, and sometimes challenging child. I think he could drive Santa himself crazy sometimes! He has been asking me if we can write a Christmas letter to Santa and send it to the North Pole. My child has heard of other children that have received a letter from Santa. These children magically transformed at Christmas into obedient, helpful children because they realized that Santa Claus was watching from the North Pole. In their letter from Santa, he reminded them to be GOOD children so he could put them on the NICE list. I really need a letter from Santa to help my son behave so that Santa will put him on the NICE list!

A letter this Christmas from Santa would mean the world to my son. He idolizes Santa Claus. If I can go online and send him a lovely, personalized letter from Santa at the North Pole I know his heart will just melt when he finds his letter in the mailbox and opens it. I can just see the smile on his face now! As my child reads his letter from Santa and feels how much Santa loves him and wants him to be with children on the NICE list I'm sure my son's behavior will improve dramatically this Christmas. Santa Claus will have given me a wonderful heartwarming gift for Christmas.

What makes your child happy? Wouldn't you want to provide the best Christmas for them as possible?

Now with a Letter from Santa, you can light up your child's Christmas season! Just imagine the look on their face when they realize that they have received a letter from Santa Claus himself! With a Letter from Santa, you can have a personalized letter delivered directly to your children and it will be postmarked from the North Pole! Christmas is the most magical time of the year, and there is something about the Christmas Spirit that makes everyone so happy, especially children.

Children light up at the fact that Christmas is coming. Have your child write a letter to Santa in the beginning of December, explaining to Santa what they would like for Christmas. Then sit back and relax as your child's Letter from Santa is on its way! With a Letter from Santa, you can create personalized letters that include Santa's signature, magical dust, the North Pole postmark, and all included in a shiny red envelope. Your child will remember this Christmas for the rest of their lives. Their Santa Letter will be something they hold onto and cherish for years to come. Your children can get beautiful personalized letters that are different every year. When you have more than one child, your children's Letter from Santa will be different than their siblings, making each child feel like they are special and important to Santa Claus himself.

All of the preparations for the Christmas season can be a little overwhelming, that is why a Letter from Santa can add some relaxation to your Christmas season, by crossing it off of your list and letting someone else write it for you. With a Letter from Santa, your children will be wanting to write a Letter to Santa every year that they have a chance and they will never forget this experience. Give your children a tradition that they will want to pass on to their children and grandchildren.

Personalized Letter from Santa

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  • Personalized throughout just for your child
  • Shiny red foil 9 x 12 envelope with
    decorated address label
  • Santa's real signature on each letter
  • Siblings get different letters
  • Magic Christmas dust in each letter
  • Beautiful original new stationery
  • New & unique letters every year
  • Your child will never forget
  • You won't find a better price
  • NORTH POLE postage stamp

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 Special Note from Rudolph
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We are unable to proofread every letter and don't want your child to think
Santa makes mistakes. PLEASE verify that each entry is correct.
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Descriptions of items
in the Ultra Deluxe Package

Shiny Red Envelope

The items below come in your Ultra Deluxe Package shiny red envelope along with your Letter from Santa, letter from Rudolph, and Nice List Certificate.

Glittery Reindeer Food

This magical food is to sprinkle in your yard on Christmas eve. A special poem is attached that explains how its magic will insure that Santa will not miss your house while flying by! Your kids will be boiling over with excitement! Your nine inch painted canvas reindeer food bag has jute ties with wooden peppermint accents.

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Retired Reindeer Bells

Each year the reindeer wear a new set of bells. Santa lets your child have a special set of retired reindeer bells from last year's Christmas sleigh ride in the sky. These bells were worn all over the sky and on all the rooftops by one of Santa's reindeer last year.

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Holiday Activity Pads

Children love to keep busy during the holidays playing games, dot-to-dots, coloring and more from these Christmas Activity Pads. Designs include Santa, snowmen, and more. 7 3/4" 48 pgs.

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Inflatable Snowman in Snowflake Beach Ball

Kids of all ages love to play with this 9 inch beach ball. First blow up the snowman inside the vinyl ball then blow up the ball for hours of fun.

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Glitter Holiday Tattoos

Shiney, sparkly tattoos are always a hit during the holidays. Both boys and girls love rubbing colorful images of snowflakes, elves, penguins, snowmen, Santa, and more on their arms, hands and faces. Non-toxic tattoos are easy to apply & remove.

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Holiday Crayons

Fun winter designs on six assorted crayons make coloring the Christmas Activity Pad even more fun. A perfect match from Santa. 2 3/4" Conforms to ASTM D-4236.

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Bendable Holiday Characters

Who doesn't love to make believe & play with bendable characters! Reindeer, Santa, and snowman characters keep kids entertained for hours. One bendable in each Ultra Deluxe Package. 4 1/4"

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Make-A-Santa's Workshop Sticker Sheets

Kids get to create their own custom scene from the North Pole with 2 sheets of Santa's workshop stickers! 31 stickers can be used to decorate Santa's famous workshop. 6 3/4" by 4 3/4"

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